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True Ambassadors is a young and dynamic charity powered by an unceasing determination to turn adversity into empowerment.

We run Ambassador ‘missions’ on a project basis to ensure targeted impact with everything we do. Based in the UK, True Ambassadors Missions have both a local focus and a global reach. In June 2023, True Ambassadors was awarded the best Community Support Enterprise 2023 – East London True Ambassadors have ambitious long-term goals for expanding our reach and engagement.

In response to the recent Uk Government Loneliness Strategic report. True Ambassadors have delivered several events, have secured funds from Newham Council and entered a strategic collaboration with academics from University College London (UCL). The focus of the organisation is on offering expertise and support for the organisation of educational intergenerational events with the goal of empowering the young and elderly, low-income patients while promoting mental health and well-being for all.

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Tackling Homelessness
Suicide Prevention Awareness
Tackling loneliness and ensuring community well-being
Building bridges between generations through social and educational events

Community Well- Being Event and Tacking Loneliness

On 30th March 2023, the Government published a policy paper “Tackling loneliness annual report March 2023: the fourth year”.
The Report is available at:


On 18th April 2023, Dr Alessandro Spano, Lecturer in Healthcare Law and Ethics at University College London (UCL), made a presentation for the True Ambassadors Charity at Plaistow Library (E13 9HL) on how tackling loneliness and the UK Government’s Loneliness Strategy.



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One in three families will be impacted by the cost-of-living crisis. Please help us to support vulnerable families in your area by pledging either a one-off or regular donation to True Ambassadors.

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