About Us

True Ambassadors is a dynamic and passionate charity that stimulates positive change and community empowerment. Our mission is a commitment to addressing essential social issues, promoting well-being and mental health, initiating peace and conflict resolution and creating lasting impact within our communities.

Our organisation operates with a vision to cultivate a society where every individual can thrive and contribute positively. We strive to tackle multiple challenges through various innovative programs and collaborative initiatives, from mental health support and educational empowerment to women empowerment to addressing social inequalities and advocating for a more inclusive and harmonious society.

With a team driven by empathy, dedication, and a strong sense of social responsibility, True Ambassadors actively engages with local communities, leveraging partnerships and the collective strength of volunteers, donors, and stakeholders. We aim to create a ripple effect of positive change, stimulating awareness, providing support, and initiating impactful projects catering to the diverse needs of the people we serve.

Our commitment to creating a better world extends beyond mere service; it’s about stimulating an environment where everyone feels heard, valued, and empowered to make change. True Ambassadors believes in the transformative power of community engagement, working collaboratively to build a better, brighter future for all.

Join us on this inspiring journey of community advocacy, empowerment, and positive change. Together, we can amplify the voices of those in need, drive impactful initiatives, and build a more inclusive and supportive society for everyone.


The history and philosophy of True Ambassadors are deeply rooted in understanding and navigating adversity. When confronted with challenges, our approach is founded on three fundamental principles:

  1. Acceptance of Control: Ambassadors at True Ambassadors understand the significance of distinguishing what they can influence from what they cannot. This mindset helps avoid fixation on elements beyond their control. For instance, when mistakes occur, our ambassadors adeptly hit the reset button, learning from the experience and swiftly progressing.
  2. Adversity as Opportunity: Challenges are seen as a chance for our ambassadors to shine. It ignites their competitive spirit, ultimately eliciting their finest performances.
  3. The Next Right Thing: Like elite athletes, ambassadors at True Ambassadors acknowledge that mistakes are a part of the journey. They showcase their resilience by swiftly transitioning to the next step. Regardless of past stumbles, they focus entirely on the upcoming opportunity, ensuring that every effort is dedicated to the current challenge.

These principles guide True Ambassadors, fostering a culture that values resilience, learning, and progress in adversity.


The narrative we shape around new endeavours influences our perceptions and outcomes. Whether embarking on a new career business venture or attempting to adopt a new habit, we invariably cast ourselves as the protagonists in our own stories. Unfortunately, these tales often depict self-doubt, where the hero wrestles with disbelief and is inclined to choose the easier path.

At True Ambassadors, we understand the profound impact of these narratives. The stories we tell ourselves hold immense power, steering our journeys and shaping our results. Within our community reside visionary individuals—those capable of recognising individuals in need and possessing the drive to motivate, inspire, and empower others through their own transformative life stories.

Our members are driven by a vision of empowerment, understanding that these shared stories of triumph and growth hold the potential to change lives. True Ambassadors seeks to inspire and facilitate impactful change within our communities by demonstrating the transformative power of positive narratives.


The fragility of life inevitably introduces challenging times, spanning sickness, crises, catastrophes, and relational hardships. These moments call for mutual understanding and support, which are vital for navigating our difficulties.

At True Ambassadors, our vision revolves around this inherent need for unity and solidarity in adversity. Each ambassador selflessly aligns their personal interests with our community group’s collective unity and effectiveness. These involve providing support and fostering a culture of encouragement during struggle. This ethos is crucial, as a supportive community amplifies the collective strength available for everyone, enabling individuals to draw upon a shared pool of resilience and support.

About Our Team

About Doris

Meet Doris Okundaye, True Ambassadors’ compassionate and dedicated CEO/ founder. Doris embodies a spirit of caring and generosity, spending her days tirelessly aiding those in need. Her commitment to improving the world is unwavering, evident in her every action.

At True Ambassadors, she endeavours to inspire and impact the lives of others. Doris sees life as a book, each day a new page, every experience a paragraph, and each season a chapter. Within these chapters are the tales of smiles, tears, fears, and joy, defining everyone’s journey.

She believes our thoughts are the letters forming these pages, some random and trivial, while others create the most beautiful poetry, crafting the most captivating tales that delight and inspire readers. True Ambassadors aims to empower individuals, guiding them to distance themselves from the negative past and seek positive influences to emulate and follow.

Doris’s vision encourages you not to hesitate, wait, or dwell on the fear of failure. The ambassadors at True Ambassadors exemplify goodness in humanity through daily embodiment. With this ethos, Doris believes that you can achieve more in the next chapter of your story than you ever have.

Join us at True Ambassadors, where every individual’s journey is valued, celebrated, and guided toward a brighter, more fulfilling path.

Doris Okundaye

True Ambassadors …

We aim to fulfill the vision of ministries representing the Lord Jesus Christ. To encourage young professionals to join their communities to make positive impacts

To reach out to people through various platform:
Prison Visits
Hospital Outreaches
Assisting People with Legal Mattters
Employment Support
Immigration Support
Drug Addiction
Family Crisis

To reach out to people through various platform:
Orphanage and Care Homes Visit
Food and Clothes Donation
Networking Events and Seminars
Faith based Programmes and Conferences

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