Suicide Prevention Awareness

True Ambassadors are committed to addressing and raising awareness about suicide prevention, offering a range of services designed to support individuals, educate communities, and promote mental well-being. Here are the essential services we provide: To inform the public about suicide indications, risk factors, and preventative actions, provide seminars and training sessions for community members, schools, employers, and organisations.

To provide people with the ability to identify and help someone in need, offer mental health first aid training. To lessen the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide, take part in community outreach programmes.

To encourage candid discussions about mental health and the value of getting treatment, plan awareness campaigns, workshops, and other activities.

A community that is knowledgeable and encouraging and that actively strives to prevent suicide is what True Ambassadors is all about. Our goals are to empower people, lessen stigma, and save lives by promoting a culture of empathy, comprehension, and early intervention through these programmes.